Floating Tiki Bars Are Coming To Wasaga Beach This Summer & You Can Drink The Day Away

If you’re looking for something new to do this summer, you might want to check out the new Wasaga Tiki Bars.

TikiTours has just announced that they are coming to one of Ontario’s favourite beaches and they are bringing their floating Tiki-styled huts with them.

You can grab your closest friends and hop on one of these floating bars as they sail around the waters. While on the tour, you will be able to take in stunning views of the sandy shores and even the sunset.

Wasaga Tiki Bar

The best part is, they are fully licensed. That means you can sip on wine, beers and a variety of cocktails for $8 each as you take in the sun. The huts also come with a variety of non-alcoholic drinks as well, such as coffee and fountain pops.

Make sure to bring you favourite songs to jam out to, because the huts will also have bluetooth-capable stereo systems.

The tours last 120 mins and can hold up to 12 passengers at a time. According to the company’s website, it will cost $80 per person from Monday to Thursday, and $90 per person from Friday to Sunday.

Wasaga Tiki Bar

You can also book the boats for special occasions such as birthday parties, bachelorette cruises and even weddings. (Yes, they apparently have a minister.)

Once you check your adventure on Wasaga Tiki Bars off your bucket list, there are tons of other amazing sights to see around Ontario.

You can check out Tipsy Theory’s latest bucket list of the best breweries across the province, and keep the party going.

NOTE: Before checking out some of the local microbreweries Ontario has to offer, make sure to be aware and follow all COVID-19 rules. If the locations are closed due to restrictions, add these spots to your bucket list for another time.

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