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๐Ÿท Drinks

Locations, recipes, deals at the LCBO, and more!

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Fabulous restaurants, food trucks, cafes!

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Anything unique, wonderful, and thrilling!

Who is behind Tipsy Theory?

Meet the Husband & Wife dream team!

Allysha Howse

With over 10 years of experience, this journalist is overflowing with love, compassion, and determination to change the world through her stories and experiences. She wants to help others by sharing the best places to visit around Ontario, the best wines to drink, and the best photos to take.

Allysha enjoys naps (but not too long), travelling, reading, red wine and writing.

She also has publications in Narcity Canada, Snapd Media and Groundhogg.

Adrian Tobey

Adrian enjoys cigars, scotch, cycling, and essentially anything someone twice his age would enjoy since he’s really 50 at heart.

Adrian keeps the site alive and the servers on while developing new ways to share content with our audiences in a fun and efficient way.

A college dropout, Adrian is a tech entrepreneur developing marketing & sales tools for small businesses. His company Groundhogg was founded and launched in 2018.

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