This Stunning Lavender Farm In PEC Will Surround You In Every Shade Of Purple

If you’re looking for a day trip that will leave you smelling amazing, it might be time to head down to Prince Edward County Lavender.

Nestled in the heart of wine county, at 732 Closson Rd, Hillier, Ontario, this local spot has fields of gorgeous purple blooms that you can wander through in the summer.

The best time to visit this hidden gem is in June and July when it comes to life as hundreds of purple plants blossoms.

Prince Edward County Lavender
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As you wander the fields, you will be able to spot many cultivars of lavender, offering a variety of colours, scents and tastes.

Of course, you won’t want to forget your camera when you finally cross this place off your bucket list. Prince Edward County Lavender has tons of photo opportunities that are perfect for your Instagram feed.

Once you are done wandering the fields, you can also head into their local shop, which offers endless amounts of lavender products.

You can pick up some lavender lotion, oils and even culinary products like honey and syrups.

However, this purple paradise isn’t the only spot to check out the next time you find yourself in Prince Edward County. There are also tons of wineries and restaurants that are a must-see.

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DISCLAIMER: Please consider all COVID-19 regulations before visiting any locations that Tipsy Theory may write about. Also note that depending on current restrictions, some of these spots may be closed. Make sure to check the company’s website for hours of operations and be aware of all Ontario safety guidelines before heading out. If you are unable to travel to a location at this current time, make sure to add it to your bucket list for future adventures.

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