This PEC Winery Has A Hidden Art Gallery To Explore & Mouthwatering Pizza

Looking for somewhere new to explore? This PEC winery with a hidden art gallery is the perfect spot to check out this summer.

Huff Estates, located in Bloomfield, will let you sip on a selection of their wines while exploring majestic sculptures that are scattered all around their vineyard.

From giant hands to floating balloons, there are so many pieces of art to discover throughout the garden.

Oeno Gallery also has a building located right beside the winery, where you can see a variety of artwork from original and Canadian artists.

Once you are done taking the views and grabbing some pictures, you can head on over to Huff Estates’ restaurant, which serves amazing wood-fired pizza.

Opening in the spring, you can chow down on flavours such as the classic Margherita and pepperoni.

Or, you can try something new like the Funghi, which comes topped with mozzarella, wild mushroom, caramelized onions, fresh herbs and a balsamic reduction glaze.

While you’re at it, you can sample some of their whites, reds, rosรฉs, bubblies, and even wine in a can.

If you’re all wined out, you can also grab some local craft beers, pop, sparkling water or a Nespresso.

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There are also so many natural wonders sprinkled throughout the area that you can add to your bucket list.

Spots like the lake on the mountain and Sandbanks Beach (which is home to the worldโ€™s largest bay mouth barrier dune formation) are a must-see.

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