Someone Opened A Bottle Of Wine With A Hockey Skate & It’s The Most Canadian Thing Ever [VIDEO]

If you ever wondered how to open wine in the most Canadian way, I think we just found it. One Ontario winery took it to the next level by popping a bottle of sparkling vino with an actual hockey skate.

Palatine Hills Estate Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake posted a video to Instagram on Wednesday that showed pouring your next drink doesn’t have to be boring.

In the video, a person off-screen can be seen placing a hockey skate on their hand before aiming it towards the bottle.

The skate effortlessly hits the cork before exploding into the distance, with suds pouring out of the bottle of what appears to be their “SAVAGE BRUT. “

palatinehillsestatewinery | Instagram

The flawless execution is the perfect Canadian champagne smashing that may have ever been recorded. So next time you’re wondering how to open wine, maybe reach for your old skate.

Or get even more creative and try to open your next bottle with a hockey stick, snowshoe and any other Canadian things that you can think of.

However, this isn’t the only True North thing that Palatine Hills Estate Winery has accomplished this year. Earlier in the season, the vineyard posted a photo of someone ice fishing in the snow with a bottle of white wine right beside them. Talk about dedication.

It looks like a nice glass of vino can make anything better, even the below-freezing temperatures that we get here in Ontario.

If you’re looking for more Canadian things to do this winter, one Ontario winery is now open for some snowshoeing. You can lace up your snowshoes and explore multiple trails at  Muskoka Lakes Farm and Winery.

You can also check out some breathtaking waterfalls near Niagara that look much prettier in the winter. So put on your toque and start exploring the great outdoors.

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