Best Icewine In Niagara You Need To Try This Winter

With winter in full swing, it’s time to add something a little sweeter to your shelves. Niagara is known for some of the best icewine in the world, and there are so many estates you need to try.

In fact, multiple vineyards across the region have won medals for their outstanding liquid gold.

So whether you are looking to just do a quick sample or to venture into an underground igloo, here are six wineries with icewine you need to try this season.

Joseph’s Estate

This local winery is the place to check out if you’re on the hunt for the best icewine in Niagara.

With award-winning 1999 and 1998 icewines on the shelf, you’ll really be able to feel that smooth finish.


King’s Court

This vineyard has a variety of liquid gold that you can choose from. With Cabernet Franc, Riesling, Vidal and Gewรผrztraminer icewine, you will always have your shelves stocked.



If you have a sweet tooth, this castle-like estate is the perfect place to go.

Their $40 Vidal Icewine has sweet tangerine, zesty lemon and honey aromas and pairs perfectly with blue cheese or almonds. Or, you can sample their cabernet sauvignon select late harvest.


Between The Lines

With both a Vidal and Riseling to choose from, these are some of the best icewine in Niagara. It’s a great option if you’re craving something sweet after dinner.



Peller Estates is known for its liquid gold and has multiple options to choose from. You can sample their collection in their massive igloo lounge, which even has frozen benches to sit on.



Lailey has an award-winning icewine collection, with many of their vinos winning Gold. You can get a 4-pack to sample, which includes Riesling, Chardonnay, Red and Vidal icewine.


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