You Can Visit An Entire City Of Birdhouses In PEC & There Are Around 100 Mini-Buildings

Nestled into the heart of the county is a little city that isn’t for humans. With around 100 birdhouses, this local PEC spot was made for wing-liked creatures instead.

Birdhouse City, which is located in Picton, has been around for 40-yeard and is a must-see tourist attraction.

An easy 15-minute walk out of the city, the little buildings are made to house purple martins, wrens, bluebirds, chickadees, and tree swallows.

However, they aren’t just normal boring birdhouses. A lot of the structures have been designed to mimic famous landmarks from Prince Edward County and around the world.

You can spot the Salmon Point Lighthouse, Picton Armoury, The Country Store and more. It’s like walking through a miniature version of Prince Edward County.

There is even a leaning tower of Pisa that you can spot if you wander around the grounds.

The collection of birdhouses in PEC, which has continued to grow since the 1980s, now draws in thousands of visitors every year.

Designed as a community project, multiple schools, businesses, local groups and individuals have helped build the structures.

Birdhouse City is located in the Macaulay Mountain Conservation, which is also home to many hiking trails and other outdoor activities.

It’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking to see the changing fall colours this season.

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