You Can Make Pasta & Sip Wine At This Class In Niagara

pasta class Niagara

It’s time to put your cooking skills to the test! You can now sip some wine and create mouthwatering pasta at this class in Niagara.

Nestled into the popular Italian restaurant Casa Mia, Terra Mia Pasta Classes & Experiences offers different workshops that will teach you how to make dishes from scratch!

It doesn’t matter how much cooking experience you have, you’ll leave the night with new skills that you can use in your kitchen at home.

The Niagara pasta classes happen multiple times a month, and there is always something new to create.

For the month of April, some pasta creations include fettuccini, tortelloni, gnocchi, arancini and ravioli.

The exact layout of the class depends on what you’re making, but you can usually expect to be greeted with a welcome beverage and some small bites.

From there, you will dive right into your class where you will handshape your pasta and learn everything you need to complete the dish.

Once the class is done, everyone will sit down for a meal family style, where you will be able to enjoy 3 courses, including some VQA wine.

Prices for the classes can vary but are usually around $100. You can view the whole list of workshops and book classes on Terra Mia’s website.

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Whether you’re looking for some good comfort food, Italian or tapas, there is something that everyone will enjoy.

Essential Info!

What: Pasta Class in Niagara

Who: Terra Mia Pasta Classes & Experiences

Where: 3518 Portage Rd, Niagara Falls


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