You Can Sip Milkshakes With Entire Desserts On Top At This Niagara Spot

Sweet tooth lovers are going to have to add this bakery to their bucket list. Outside the Box, located in the Niagara region, serves massive milkshakes that have entire desserts on top.

You might need two people to finish these drool-worthy treats and they come in so many flavours. You can grab the Cotton Candy milkshake which comes stuffed with blue and pink cotton candy as well as a sour key on top.

For anyone looking to be transported to a childhood camping trip, another favourite includes the Smore Milkshake which comes with a roasted marshmallow and cookies on top.

Some others include Chocolate Peanutbutter, Strawberry and the Cookie Monster. The latter has a bright blue base and is topped with (you guessed it) cookies.

While the Birthday Cake Shake comes with sprinkles and two mini-cakes with frosting stuffed in between them. Yum!

Shakes are usually around $13 each. However, every Thursday you can grab one of the treats for just $10.

While you’re there, the Niagara bakery is known for more than just milkshakes. It also has cakes, cupcakes, cookies, donuts, bread and more. You can also get DIY cookie kits where you can decorate your own treats.

Or, if you’re feeling even more creative, you can get a DIY hot chocolate bomb kit, which comes with enough ingredients to make four of the treats.

The birthday cakes are also next level and you can get them created in so many designs (like superheroes, unicorns, Disney characters, and more). However, it’s important to know that you need a two-week minimum notice for cakes.

If you’re someone who can’t get enough of some sweets, this isn’t the only bakery in Niagara to check out.

The Sweet Oven, located on Portage Road, has over 20 flavours of butter tarts to choose from. Some include mint, chocolate chip, coconut, Skor bit and more.

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