You Can Eat At A Sprawling Table In A Field In PEC This Summer & It’s Magical

A sprawling table is coming to Prince Edward County this summer and it will be filled with food, wine and more.

Outstanding In The Field is a company that brings its restaurant to the food source, and they have been bringing their massive tables all around the world.

This August, they are setting up shop at Edwin County Farms in Prince Edward County, which is known for producing a vast variety of organic vegetable crops, beef and broiler chickens, eggs, wheat, honey and maple syrup.

You can gather around the table that will sprawl through the farm field, and hear stories about the history of the land, before enjoying a mouthwatering Argentinian-inspired feast by guest chef Coco Gaona.

Trail Estate Winery, a local vineyard, will also be there to pair their wine with the food. You can enjoy some appetizers before launching into a four-course meal that uses the food from the farm.

The event is set to take place on August 13 and will cost $$465. You can buy tickets on the company’s website.

Outstanding In The Field has been making headlines for its unique experience.

In the summer and fall, the tour heads to spectacular locations all across North America and abroad. In the winter, it heads to Mexico, Hawaii, the Southern U.S. and other warm locales.

Some other spots they are hitting up this summer include Montreal, Tuscany, the UK, and France.

“Wherever we are, we collaborate with local chefs, farmers, and artisans to craft a unique and immersive experience that truly tells the story of its place,” reads the site.

If you find yourself in Prince Edward County, there are also so many other things to check out.

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