You Can Do A Blind Tasting At This Niagara Winery & It’s The Perfect Date

Looking to try something different the next time you are in wine county? You can do a blind tasting at this Niagara vineyard and it’s the perfect date.

Between the Lines Winery is the place to go if you want to test your knowledge in the world of vino.

Head over to their tasting bar where you will get to sip your way through four different wines. The catch? Everything will be unlabelled and in black glasses.

You’ll have to use both taste and smell to navigate your way through the wines and guess what grape you’re actually sipping on.

Whether you and your partner work as a team or turn it into a competition is up to you!

The tasting experience is $25 per person plus tax and is by reservation only. You can book your spot on the winery’s website.

The blind tasting isn’t the only thing this Niagara spot has to offer. You can also try their decadent tasting which is all about food pairings.

Sip your way through sparkling wine and icewine that is paired with the perfect snacks (like butterscotch white chocolate). The combinations will really make your taste buds soar.

Or, you can try out their canned wine, which is perfect for travel, pool parties or just to enjoy at home.

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Essential Info!

What: Blind Tastings

Where: Between the Lines

Price: $25 + tax


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