You Can Build Your Own Pizza At This Brewery Near Niagara & You’ll Want More Than 1 Slice

Niagara Brewery Pizza

If you’re looking for some gooey-goodness this summer, you’ll want to check out the pizza at this brewery near Niagara.

Located around thirty minutes outside of the city, in Port Colborne, Breakwall Brewing Co. is the place to visit when you want to fill up on carbs.

Currently, the local spot is letting you “build your own” pizza, which will let you tailor your slice exactly how you want it.

Starting at $15, you can choose from a list of toppings such as a selection of veggies and meat. They also have gluten-free dough and vegan cheese options that you can select.

While you can go as overboard as you like, the joint warns that less than four toppings per pie usually works best.

One build-your-own pizza creation that the Niagara brewery suggests is cup and char pepperoni, jalepeno, basil, grated parm and honey. Yum!

If you aren’t feeling creative, you can also go for their pre-built pizzas, including Dill Pickle, Margherita and Bruschetta.

The spot also serves up some over-the-top burgers as well, such as the BBQ burger and the Mushroom Gorgonzola.

Of course, you can’t stop into this brewery near Niagara and not try their beer. They currently have nine options to choose from, including stouts, IPAs, Lagers and even hard seltzers. You can view the menu on their website.

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*Photo Credits: amandaandherbeer | Instagram & errindaaly | Instagram

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