Niagara Winery Has Transformed Into A Ghostly Spot Where You Can Taste Wine & Junk Food

Calling all spooky lovers! A Niagara winery has just announced it will be launching a ghostly experience this October where you can taste wine and chow down on junk food.

The Hare Wine Co. will be kicking off their ‘Scare at the Hare’ starting October 1. They will be transforming their VIP tasting room into a haunted spot for you to enjoy.

You’ll be able to taste three of their best wines. Each one will be paired with some festive junk food that will throw you back to your trick-or-treating days.

At the end of the tasting, you’ll be able to take home a bottle of their sparkling rosรฉ and a sweet treat, so you can keep the festive party going from home.

The event is taking place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until the end of October.

You can make reservations on The Hare’s website.

Tickets cost $40 per person and can only be booked for groups of two or four people.

If you’re looking for something a little less scary, the Niagara winery also has regular tastings that can be booked on any day of the week.

The 45-minute experience will let you create your own flight of four wines to sample.

You can choose from their selection of complex table wines and their must-try icewines. The normal wine tasting costs $17.70 per person (The spot is even able to take groups of 20 when you book in advance.)

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