I Tried Wine In A Can & Here’s If It’s Worth The Hype

If you’re a true wine fanatic, anything that doesn’t come in a glass bottle with a cork might send a shiver up your spine. However, local vineyards are now becoming more creative in how they serve out their vino, and wine in a can is appearing in more and more locations.

I recently headed to Between The Lines Winery in Niagara and couldn’t help but pick up a four-pack of their tin product.

Currently, the Niagara spot has a few options to choose from including their canned Pinot Noir, Outset Sparkling and (the one that I opted for) Pink Rosรฉ Wine.

The first thing I noticed was the price point. While it comes packaged like a cooler, it is a bit more pricey than the average can you can pick up in the LCBO.

The average cooler sits at around $3, while wine in the can sits at around $4. It’s not a huge difference, and frankly upgrading from a sugar mixture to wine probably deserved the price increase. But if you’re looking for something convenient and also price savvy, you might might want to stick to your cooler.

However, I was more worried about how it would live up to the taste of wine and I have to admit, I was surprised. The rosรฉ was crisp and clean. It was the perfect combination of sweet and tart and was something I would definitely sip all summer long.

If you gave it to me with a blindfold I would never have been able to tell you that it came from the can. And I quickly realized that’s the point. The winery isn’t offering you a new taste, or something lesser than their bottle products. Instead, they are offering you convenience.

Wine In A Can: I Tried It & Here's If It's Worth The Hype

I’m someone who lives off of rosรฉ and white wine in the summer, but having to lug around a full bottle on picnics (and then carry a still half full bottle back) can be a pain.

These cans are easy to throw in my picnic bag and I can simply just chuck them when I’m done, making for a easy clean up.

So if you ask me if wine in a can is worth the hype, I would say that while I’m sure it differs between vineyards, I dunked my toe in the water and so far, I’m loving it.

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