7 Things You Need ASAP If Wine Has Become Your New Best Friend

wine gift ideas

If you’re anything like me, vino has become your new best friend over the past year. If you’re willing to embrace your new hobby, here are seven wine gift ideas that you will want to add to your cart ASAP.

From an electric bottle opener, so you no longer have to struggle to get the cork out, to a board game based on your favourite drink, the options are endless.

The best part is, these gifts would also work out great for your best friend or any other wine lover you know in your life.

It’s time to #TreatYoSelf

Turn Your Wine Bottle Into A Giant Glass*

Wine Gift Ideas

Price: $27.62

Let’s face it, sometimes you just need a whole bottle of wine to yourself. Instead of feeling bad about pouring glass after glass, just stick with this bad boy.

Place the glass on-top of the bottle, and sip until there is nothing left.


Bathtub Tray With Built In Wine Holder

Wine Gift Ideas

Price: $54.99

Next time you want to relax in the bath, this tray will make sure your wine glass has a place to stay.

This Amazon find is waterproof, made with bamboo material and is extendable, so it will fit most tubs.



Price: $34.99

Why not bring your love of wine to the next family game night? This board game puts a fun twist on the well-known Monopoly.

Move your wine bottles across the board and learn facts about vino while you play.


A Bag That Secretly Holds All Your Wine

Wine Gift Ideas

Price: $119.00

Not only does this purse come in multiple different colours and patterns, but it also holds two full size bottles of wine.

With an a hidden nozzle to fill up your glass, you and your friends will be sipping all day long, no matter where you are.


Wooden Wine Bottle Shelf

Wine Gift Ideas

Price: $80.25

If wine has become your new best friend over the past year, chances are you have a few bottles laying around.

Make them part of your home decor by installing this wooden shelf that will display all of your favourite vino. It’s also a perfect wine gift ideas for a friend.


Set Of Rose Gold Wine Glasses

Wine Gift Ideas

Price: $53.26

If you’re looking to up your wine game, these rose gold glasses are the way to go. Not only are they a conversation starter, but they also give off a unique vibe compared to the normal dull glasses.

This set comes with four, so are perfect for your next dinner night.


Electric Wine Opener

Price: $21.97

Let’s face it. Sometimes opening a good bottle of wine can be a hassle. If you’re someone who wants to get the job done as quickly as possible, then grab yourself an electric wine opener.


If you’re looking for something a little more festive, you can always check out Tipsy Theory’s list of Christmas ideas for any wine lover out there.

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