You Can Dine In Glowing Igloos At St. Jacobs This Winter

While it might feel like you are at the North Pole, you’re actually just in an adorable Ontario town. Village Biergarten in St. Jacobs has transformed its outdoor patio into multiple tiny bubbles for you to dine in this winter.

Covered in sparkling lights and festive decor, these igloos are the perfect place if you are a winter wonderland lover.

You can cuddle up and keep warm while enjoying the views of the quaint town from your own personal spot.

Already open to the public, the domes will be available throughout the season and will be serving authentic Mexican cuisine, along with local craft beer, wine, cider and spirits.

Village Biergarten
adonijahh | Instagram

You can fill up on mouth-watering treats such as tacos, nachos, chips and more.

If you’re looking to visit this magical spot, it’s important to know that only tables up to six can be seated on the patio due to social distancing rules and reservations are required through their website.

You might want to also book in advance, as spots can fill up fast.

annaantczak | Instagram

Once you are done enjoying your meal at Village Biergarten, you can also explore the tiny village that is as picturesque as a Christmas movie.

From tiny boutiques, to adorable coffee spots, there’s lots for you to explore while you are down in the area. The St. Jacobs Famers Market is also near by, where you can stock up on Christmas gifts and fresh food.

Village Biergarten
wilsonamnda | Instagram

If you’re looking for some more winter activities to do this season, you can also check out Muskoka Lakes Farm & Winery which features a massive skating trail and mulled wine every winter.

There are also tons of rentals in Niagara-on-the-Lake that will transport you into your own winter wonderland.

*Cover photo credits: adonijahh | Instagram & Village Biergarten

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