This Ontario Map Shows You The Absolute Best Places To See Fall Colours

Grab your cameras! Autumn is on the way and this Ontario map shows you the best places to spot some fall colours this year.

Ontario Parks has put together a “fall colour” map that reports how many leaves are changing throughout the colder months in their parks.

It will let you know when each specific park has reached peak viewing period, and where the best spot is to get a good look at the trees.

Keeping an eye on the map this fall means that you’ll never miss out on autumn’s most amazing photo opportunities.

Right now, the majority of parks are still seeing many green leaves, but over the next few weeks, things will start to change.

When the map shows darker red leaves, that’s when you’ll want to start your engine.

Every Ontario Park is included, so whether you’re in Niagara, Toronto (or even all the way up in Thunder Bay) you’ll be able to know exactly when your trees start to change.

To view the full map, you can visit Ontario Park’s website.

Taking a hike on an Ontario trail isn’t the only way you can see the fall colours this year though. There are also multiple autumn events happening across the province that are sure to get you into the seasonal spirit.

You can visit multiple apple orchards, where you can pick some fruit to make some fall treats.

One spot you won’t want to miss is Puddicombe Estate Farm Winery & Cider which is located in the Niagara area. It has a train ride that is the perfect way to view the changing leaves throughout the property.

Or, you can take part in Muskoka Lakes Farm & Winery Cranberry Harvest, where you can wade through a sea of floating berries. They also have tons of different activities, including wagon tours, wine tastings, hiking trails, and more!

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