This Hidden Taco Joint In Toronto Has EVERY Kind Of Tequila

Calling all Mexican food lovers! You can make every day Cinco de Mayo at this taco restaurant in Toronto. Playa Cabana Hacienda has an adorable hidden patio that offers a variety of eats and every kind of tequila.

If you’re looking for a new taco joint, this is the place to be. Located on the corner of Dupont and Avenue, this festive venue is decorated in glowing lights and rustic decor.

The pops of colour and patterned tables will make you forget that you are in the middle of downtown Toronto and transport you to Mexico.

The menu, which is based on the Yucatรกn region, offers a variety of soft and crispy tacos as well as some mouthwatering appetizers.

The selling point of this venue though is the extensive alcohol list that you can choose from. Offering 60 types of tequila (yes, you read that right) it’s the perfect place to sample the liquor.

The best part is, tequila education is free. If you get overwhelmed by the variety of choices, your server can help you choose the best option for you.

Taco Restaurant In Toronto

If you aren’t a tequila fan, there are also a ton of other drinks on their menu to choose from. I had the spiked sangria, which was the perfect summer drink.

They also offer multiple margaritas, a rum punch, and a selection of wines. So it’s the perfect location to get sipping.

Of course, the tacos are also delicious. However, things can get a bit spicy, so make sure to have a glass of water handy if you’re experimenting with different meals.

Taco Restaurant In Toronto

Served in plates of two or three, there are multiple seafood, meat, and even vegetarian options on the menu. My favourite was the Zocalos which included pork chorizo verde, beef cecina, onion, cilantro and Morita adobo.

Adrian and I also sampled the Pollo Frito which was comprised of breaded chicken breast, chipotle aioli, Valentina, chipotle honey, pickled onion and jalapeรฑo.

If you are a seafood lover, Adrian also had a taste of the Pulpo Asado, which featured some grilled octopus tentacles.

Taco Restaurant In Toronto

Of course, we couldn’t help ourselves from finishing off the night with some churros.

While this cute taco restaurant in Toronto is a must-see, there are a variety of other restaurants around Toronto if you aren’t a fan of tacos.

Hey Lucy has a quaint rooftop patio and offers $5 martinis on Wednesday nights. While Jack Astor’s has fishbowl cocktails that are the size of your head.

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