This Bakery In Niagara Has Over 20 Flavours Of Butter Tarts & I Can’t Choose A Favourite

With butter tarts being one of Canada’s national desserts, it’s important to find some that are mouthwatering. This bakery in Niagara has over 20 flavours of the sweet treats and they are all so good I can’t choose a favourite.

The Sweet Oven, located on Portage Road, has more flavours than you can ever imagine, but you can only get certain tarts on specific days of the week.

No matter what day you drop in, you can always find their classic plain, pecan and raisin. Some of the tarts you can pick up once a week include blueberry, butterscotch chip, chai, chocolate chip and cinnamon raisin.

They also have coca, coconut, coconut choc chip, coffee, English toffee, lemon, mint, mint Oreo, mixed nut, peanut butter, raisin walnut, raspberry and Skor bit.

One of my personal favourites was the coffee flavour, it was the perfect amount of sweet and went amazing with the mocha that I was drinking at the time.

However, out of all of the flavours I tried every single one tasted just as good as the last. Even the plain, which usually I’m meh about, had me reaching for more than one bite.

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You can head over to the company’s website to find exactly what flavours are being served every day. Currently, tarts are $16.50 per half dozen or $30.00 per dozen.

You can also buy them individually for $3.00 a piece.

This Niagara bakery also sells more than just butter tarts. You can also grab some cheesecake and cookies. Some of the specialty cake flavours include Oreo, Skor, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip and more.

This isn’t the only local spot that is known for its butter tarts. 13th Street Winery, located in St. Catharines, also has a few flavours to choose from. One of the fan favourites is the Skor tart.

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