The Best Ontario Wineries That Deliver To Your Front Door

As the summer weather slowly starts to make its way across the province, it’s finally time to start dreaming about wine country. However, with many businesses being closed, doing some wine tastings at your favourite location may need to be put on hold. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Ontario wineries that deliver to your front door. So you can bring a piece of wine country to you this summer.

Whether you’re looking to try out some new blends, or are itching to enjoy an old favourite, there are multiple wineries across Ontario that are currently delivering.

While there are dozens of locations to choose from across the province, we chose the top seven spots that we always find ourselves revisiting each summer.

From Niagara on the Lake to Prince Edward County, these tasteful spots are located across the province and will deliver you a delicious bottle, regardless if you’re a red or white person.

So grab your best wineglasses, because it’s time to bring the wine tasting to your own living room this year.

Closson Chase Vineyards

Ontario Wineries That Deliver

Located in Prince Edward County, this purple barn boasts some of the best wine in Ontario.

Established in 1998, Closson Chase Vineyards uses centuries-old European traditions to bring you a great blend of both their whites and reds.

Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery

Ontario Wineries That Deliver

Just off the border of Detroit, Spruce Wood Shores is one of our favourite places to stop.

Being listed as one of the top 10 wineries in Canada, you won’t be disappointed, no matter which bottle of wine you decide to go for.

Between The Lines Winery

Currently offering 20% off and free shipping, this might be the place you want to go if you’re looking to save your wallet.

Between The Lines Winery not only offers your favourite whites and reds, but there are also a variety of ice wines to choose from.

Konzelmann Estate Winery

Ontario Wineries That Deliver

Located on Niagara on the Lake, Konzelmann Estate Winery offers whites, reds, rose, ice wine, and even sparkling wines.

If you want to fill up your cellar with all sorts of blends, this may be the place to shop.

Small Talk Vineyards

Not only will Small Talk Vineyards offer a variety of wine blends, but they also specialize in ciders.

From peach cider to salter caramel cider, the possibilities are endless.

Broken Stone Wineries

Ontario Wineries That Deliver

Located in Prince Edward County, Broken Stone Winery is one of the best places if you’re looking to try a new bottle.

Offering hand grown, locally-growing wines, the family owned spot boasts some of the best reds we’ve ever tasted.

Muscedere Vineyards

Ontario Wineries That Deliver

Located in the Essex County, Muscedere Vineyards boasts a variety of awards for their amazing wine

From an award winning Pinot Grigio to a Merlot, the possibilities of which good wines to order are endless.

While these Ontario wineries deliver, all of them also boast beautiful wineries that are worth a visit.

If you’re looking to plan a summer road trip, you can check out some of the best wineries to visit in Prince Edward County.

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