Toronto’s Caesar Joint Lets You Chow Down On An Entire Feast Ontop Of Your Drink

You might want to grab a friend before heading down to this local joint. The Score on King offers a variety of over-the-top drinks that will leave you with no room for dessert. From hamburgers to nachos, the toppings on your caesar are endless.

Next time you’re feeling hungry, The Score on King is the place to be. The sports bar is known for its famous caesars that come with entire meals situated on top.

If you’re looking for something as big as your head, their are two massive options on the menu.

The Checkmate is a perfect choice if you’re feeling hungry and lets you can chow down on burgers, chicken, hotdogs, onion rings and a brownie all in one.

If you’re more of a nachos fan, you can also grab the Caesar Grande, which also comes topped with a burger, cake and a pickle.

However, good luck finishing one of these bad boys on your own. The massive concoctions will definitely need a friend to help you finish.

Score On King
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Not hungry enough for something massive? No worries. The restaurant also offers some more feasible drinks as well.

For those who aren’t looking for a huge meal The Aint No Thang comes with some hot-wings and a side of onion rings, making the perfect afternoon snack.

Or, you can grab something a little more festive with The Spicy Paesar that comes with a taco beef pizza, cheese, and a side of onion rings.

Score On King
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The King Street location is currently open weekly from 11 a.m. until 1 a.m., making it the perfect place to enjoy lunch, dinner and a late night snack.

However, this isn’t the only local joint that sells some over-the-top drinks. There are multiple locations in the 6ix that offer up cocktails the size of your head.

Jack Astors offers up massive fishbowls, while the King Taps has a Moscow mule that is so huge you’re going to have to share it with a group.

Score On King
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A lighthouse restaurant in Orillia also boasts some crazy drinks, including a colourful unicorn shake that comes topped with cotton candy.

Happy sipping!

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