Sambuca Coffee: The Perfect Italian Drink

If you’ve been listening to our podcasts for a while, you’ll know that our favourite drink of choice is always coffee. Whether it be an espresso in the morning, or a coffee with a little bit of a punch in the evening, it’s always something that we reach for on a daily basis.

In fact, we even have two coffee makers on-site at all time to make sure that our coffee needs are always met. While Adrian often reaches for coffee way more than I do, I still find that I need that extra pick me up in the evening to get us through our recording sessions.

One of Adrian’s favourite coffee combos is a sambuca coffee, or more specifically, a sambuca espresso. The combination of a sharp espresso with an overly sweet liquor really does bring the coffee to another level.

In fact, oftentimes, it transports me to somewhere more than my fourth story apartment, and into something a little bit more luxurious, such as somewhere in southern Italy on a terrace overlooking the water.

Not that I’ve ever actually been to a terrace in Italy or had coffee with sambuca, but that’s what I imagine those who drink it will say.

While, it probably shouldn’t be myself writing this blog post about a drink that I don’t particularly like (The taste of black licorice repulses me), in the wise words of Adrian, “I love it.”

Sambuca Coffee

So, if you want to be more like Adrian and less like me, I’ll only be offended a little bit.

The recipe is simple:

All you need is espresso and some form of dark sambuca. We prefer to use a nespresso machine to quickly make the perfect espresso and then add the desired amount of sambuca. (Usually just a splash.)

But of course, the recipe is completely up for interpretation. If you’ve been having a bad day, or just want to forget about the awkward party that you’re at, then, by all means, add a full shot of that liquor into your coffee.

We never judge.

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