One Niagara Spot Will Let You Sip Wine In An Actual Icy Igloo This Winter

It’s time to pull out a pair of mitts and head on over to this icy winery. Peller Estates Icewine Lounge will let you sip some of their best winter vinos from the chilly confinements of their real-life igloo.

The 10Below Icewine Lounge is open for you to explore this winter. Currently the only igloo-like lounge in Niagara, you will be surrounded by 13,607 kilos of ice as you sample some of the wineries “liquid gold.”

According to the estate’s website, the room will be kept at a chilly negative 10 C, which is the best temperature to actually harvest icewine. So make sure to dress warm on this adventure.

Once you make your way into the lounge, you will be able to sample some of their many award-winning icewines that the estate currently has for sale.

Peller Estates Icewine Lounge
poshope | Instagram

Surrounded by stunning ice sculptures, it’s also the perfect place to grab a quick selfie as well!

In order to take part in this icy experience, it is encouraged that you make reservations on the estates’ website for their Greatest Winery Tour.

Not only will you explore the Peller Estates Icewine Lounge, but the tour will also take you into a cellar full of 300 barrels, where you can sample some of their other vinos.

Peller Estates Icewine Lounge
ellethomas676 | Instagram

Currently, the cost for the tasting is $36 per person or $18 if you are a Wine Club member.

Once you finish up at this Niagara spot, there are tons of other places around town that will get you in the winter spirit.

Wayne Gretzky Estate transforms into a twinkling wonderland every winter with a massive ice rink that you can glide around on.

pellerwines | Instagram

The Historic Old Town of NOTL also transforms into a magical Christmas village full of holiday decorations and horse-drawn carriages.

Cover Photo Credits: katie_twilliamson | Instagram & poshope | Instagram

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