Stunning PEC Distillery Has So Many Cocktails & Mouthwatering Pierogies

Distillery PEC

Next time you want to spice up your cocktail game, head to this distillery in PEC. With so many cocktails and spirits, there is always something new for you to try.

Stillus, which is located in Bloomfield, produces spirits in small batches with some pretty unique flavours. Some favourites include Cherry Valley Vodka, Key Lime Moonshine, Pinery Gin and more.

You can sample what the space has to offer by doing a spirit tasting of 5 samples, a single tasting or a single shot. Or, you can choose from their expansive cocktail list that highlights the different products they have.

If you’re a fan of vodka, you’ll want to try their “Still Summer” which comes with vodka, pineapple juice, coconut syrup and triple sec. Or, the “Earl Berry” which has vodka, earl gray tea and blackberry syrup.

Gin lovers should sip on the “Bottom Line” which is loaded with gin, ginger syrup, lavender syrup and lime. Or, the “Rose Gimlet” which is gin, lemon juice and rose syrup.

With Ukraine roots, the PEC distillery also offers up some mouthwatering bites, including pierogies.

Choose from the classic cheddar & potatoes, sauerkraut & mushroom, and meat. You can also add bacon bits and sour cream.

If you have a sweet tooth, the spot also offers a variety of pies including blueberry, apple and strawberry rhubarb. You can view the full menu on the PEC distillery website.

Enjoy both your food and drinks inside their stunning building or the sprawling outdoor patio.

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Essential Info!

What: Cocktails, Spirit Tastings & Pierogies

Who: Stillus Craft Spirits

Where: 2404 Prince Edward County Rd 1, Bloomfield, ON


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