Niagara’s Floral Showhouse Is Turning Into A Fall Paradise & You’ll See So Many Blooms

It’s time to pull out your flannels and boots because autumn is coming! Niagara’s Floral Showhouse will be launching its Annual Chrysanthemum Show on September 3 and the building will be transformed into a lush fall paradise.

The showhouse, which is just a short walk away from Niagara Falls, has a collection of orchids, tropical plants and more that change with the seasons.

This fall, you will be able to spot cascading chrysanthemum blooms that are spread all throughout the building.

You can wander through the winding paths of the buildings, where nearly 20,000 plants are grown annually.

The Annual Chrysanthemum Show is actually Niagara Park’s longest-running exhibit and has been taking place since 1946. The show will run until November 13, before switching over to their winter collection on November 19.

The Annual Poinsettia Show will feature a traditional holiday landscape full of bright colours and magic that is sure to put you into the Christmas spirit.

If you’re looking for tickets for Niagara’s Floral Showhouse this fall, you can purchase them on the Park’s website.

Tickets are $7 per adult and $4 per child. If you’re looking to go with a friend, you can save some money by purchasing the adult 2-person pack for $13.50.

With these tickets, you can also view the South House, which is always full of stunning tropical plants, such as palms, succulents and even some commonly known house plants.

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