Niagara’s Cultural Festival Will Let You Travel Across Canada Without Leaving The Region

You don’t need an airplane ticket to travel across Canada this summer. Niagara’s newest cultural festival will take you to all 13 provinces and territories without ever leaving the region.

The 13 for 13 Cultural Festival is taking place during Canada Games and will be held on select evenings between August 7 and August 20.

Thirteen of Niagara’s municipalities will team up with a province or territory to help showcase the unique cultural heritage, art, food and entertainment of each spot.

Each night, a different municipality will be hosting their festival and it’s free to visit each one.

On August 7, Niagara’s Cultural Festival will kick off in Lincoln where Newfoundland and Labrador will be taking the centre stage.

Make sure to check out the East Coast Kitchen Party while you are there, as Chef Ange serves up โ€˜come-from-awayโ€™ inspired fare.

Niagara-on-the-Lake will transform into British Columbia, St Catharines into the Yukon, Fort Erie into Nova Scotia, Niagara Falls into the Northwest Territories and more.

On Wednesday, August 17, the festival will also be hosting Pride Day. Entertainment during the event will be a true highlight of Niagara’s sexual and gender-diverse community.

You can check out the full schedule on the Niagara 2022 Canada Game’s website. Each day will happen rain or shine, so make sure to dress for the weather before heading out.

All events are also licensed, so you can expect to see some Canadian wineries and breweries making an appearance.

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