Niagara Wines So Good They Became My Favs For 2023 – Local’s Guide

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Living in Niagara, I often find myself trying a lot of local wines, some are really good while others are a bit more interesting.

Over the years, I have definitely formed some opinions on what I would crown as the “best wine” in the region. And like all wine opinions, I’m sure many of you are going to either agree or strongly disagree with me. (In fact, let me know what your favourite wines are in the region, I would love to hear them!)

But let’s grab a glass, and chat about the Niagara wines that have made a permanent home in my heart. Cheers!

2020 Camden Rosรฉ Gamay – London Born Wine Co.

Price: $18.95

This is the perfect bottle to reach for during those summer months, especially if you’re spending a day on the patio. The palate has notes of Macintosh apples, raspberries and cherries. The wine is dry and pairs well with brie.


2014 Dry Riesling – Greenlane Estate Winery

Price: $21.95

While this is another wine I often reach for during those warmer months, you’ll find me shamelessly grabbing this bottle to drink all winter long as well. I find it easy to pair with charcuterie boards. It’s dry, with green apple across the palate and minerality in the finish.


Lemberger – Between The Lines Family Estate Winery

Price: $26.00

With the perfect balance of peppery and fruity notes, this varietal is something that you don’t find very often in Niagara. We pick a bottle up every time we’re at the winery.


2020 Proprietor’s Block Syrah – Kacaba Vineyards & Winery

Price: $37.15

Winning a bronze medal in the Ontario Wine Awards 2023, I’m not the only one who finds this wine amazing. In fact, it’s the one we reach for the most while at Kacaba. Good with smoked and grilled dishes, you get notes of candied fruit with hints of white pepper and campfire smoke.


Big Red #8 – Big Head Wines

Price: $24.80

This blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot is an easy drinker that is great to bring to any dinner party you’re going to. With notes of ripe berry fruit, rhubarb and chai spice, it’s easy to pair. Especially with pizza, BBQ and pasta.


2020 Cabernet Franc Estate – Cave Spring Vineyard

Price: $39.95

Drink this bottle now, or later (it has great aging potential). The full-bodied wine has notes of blackcurrant and graphite with a finish of cacao, dried cherries and black licorice.


2020 Gewcci – Rosewood Wines

Price: $40.00

This 100% bone-dry Gewรผrztraminer is so delicious I honestly want to drink the entire bottle every single time. It. is packed with notes of tropical fruit, peach and orange with a touch of vanilla.


Peachwine – Konzelmann Estate Winery

Price: $18.95

It wouldn’t be a proper wine list without throwing in my guilty pleasure. Made from local peaches, it has a light, crisp finish that makes it so refreshing and easy to drink.


This article is part of a series called โ€œLocalโ€™s Guide.โ€ Allysha Howse has lived in Niagara for three years and has been visiting the spot for much longer. With her new-found knowledge of the area, sheโ€™s decided to share all of her favourite places and answer some tough questions, including naming some good wines in Niagara.

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