Mojito Time

We recently just got back from holiday in Cuba and had a great time in the all-you-can-drink resort. For both Adrian and I, our drink of choice soon became the mojito.

When we came back from our trip, we wanted to be able to copy the perfect mojito recipe that helped to transport us back to the week that we bummed out on the beach.

Here’s the recipe that we like to use:


3 shots of rum (of course, the amount of alcohol you put in your mojito is completely up to you. But when you’re in Cuba you go big or you go home)

1/2 shot of lime juice

1 tsp of sugar

3 mint leaves

Club Soda


The directions here are super simple. Crush together the lime juice, sugar, and mint. Add your desired amount of ice, rum, and club soda. Enjoy!

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