7 Spots In Toronto Where You Can Get The Most Over-The-Top Cocktails

If you’re a big dreamer, then we have the cocktails for you. There are multiple joints that offer massive drinks in Toronto. From giant fishbowls to cocktails poured into sand buckets, you’ll want to bring a friend to polish off these boozy concoctions.

Sometimes one small drink just isn’t enough to quench your thirst. Luckily, there are tons of places around the city where you can grab a drink that is just as big as your head.

However, beware that some of these drinks require more than one person to order. So make sure to check with the restaurant before making a solo trip down to these joints.

Not only can you grab an enormous concoction, but you can take it to a whole other level with these spots. Grab a punch bowl that is on fire at the Shameful Tiki Room.

If you’re feeling hungry, you can also head down to the Score on King where you can get an entire meal served on top of your drink.

Wander on over to these spots and happy sipping!

The Shameful Tiki Room

Massive Drinks In Toronto

If you want to add a little heat to your next night out, this is the venue to be. The Shameful Tiki Room serves up a variety of enormous drinks, and some of them even catch fire.

For $40, you can grab the Volcano Bowl. The rum based drink serves three or more people and has fire coming out of the middle.

Si Lom

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Si Lom Thai Bistro is the perfect place to stop if you need to cool down this summer. Offering a variety of slushies in a bucket, you’ll never want to stop sipping.

Some of their buckets even come topped off with candy or a Corona beer.

The Porch

Massive Drinks In Toronto
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Take in the views while sipping some of these cocktails. The Porch is known for their famous slushie cocktails that you can drink out of massive sand buckets.

If you want to go even bigger, you can also purchase giant margarita towers.

Score On King

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If you’re feeling hungry, Score on King is the place to be. The venue serves massive cocktails with entire meals placed on top.

The Checkmate Caesar comes stuffed with burgers, chicken and even dessert.

Miss Thing’s

Massive Drinks In Toronto

If you’re looking to be transported somewhere tropical, this is the place to go for massive drinks in Toronto. Miss Thing’s serves a variety of boozy cocktails that come in watermelons, coconuts and other tropical themed cups.

The Total Eclipse Of The Shark is a rum based drink that comes inside of a shark head.

King Taps

Massive Drinks In Toronto

You’re going to need some friends to finish this drink. This massive Moscow Mule will have you sipping all day long.

This local stop also has a variety of craft beers to choose from.

Jack Astors

Massive Drinks In Toronto

If you’re craving something fruity, Jack Astors is the place to go. The venue, which has multiple locations in Toronto, offers many different flavours of their famous fishbowl.

Depending on location, you can choose from a variety of flavours including, Fuzzy Mango Breeze, Long Island Iced Tea and Strawberry Mint Vodka Soda.

If you’re looking for something a little more frozen, you can also check out our list of locations around Toronto that sell amazing frose.

Cover photo credits: Allysha Howse & charcharbanks | Instagram

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