Tipsy-mas Day 12! Marshmallow Chocolate Shots

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Tipsy Theory gave to me, a marshmallow shot recipe.

Transport yourself back to those summer months full of s’mores with this unique shot. All you need is some jumbo marshmallows and your favourite liquor and you will be set for your next holiday party.

This recipe is something that needs to be done FAST though. As soon as the alcohol is put in the marshmallow is will start to disintegrate.

So be ready to shoot up this winter cocktail as soon as it’s ready! Cheers!

Marshmallow Shot

What You Need To Make This Marshmallow Christmas Shot:

  • Jumbo marshmallows
  • 1oz of Bailey’s
  • An oven burner or open fireplace to roast the marshmallows on.

Substitute: You can use any form of liquor that puts you in the holiday mood. Peppermint vodka, chocolate liqueur etc.

How To Make This Recipe:

1- Turn your oven burner on high and place a marshmallow on a fork. Carefully rotate the marshmallow over the burner, until golden brown all the way around. (Make sure the bottom of it is also roasted thoroughly- leaving the top a mushy white)

2- Place the marshmallow onto a plate and wait for the inside to hollow out and cool. (This could take a min or two)

3- Pour alcohol into the marshmallow and shoot fast! (If you’re looking to serve more than one person, roast all the marshmallows first before pouring anything into them)

4- Do it all over again! And again.

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All through Christmas, we posted one Christmas drink recipe a day for the 12 days of Tipsy-Mas!

If marshmallows just isnโ€™t your thing, we also have a variety of chocolate drinks that you can enjoy all season long, even after the holidays.

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