Lilac Garden In Niagara Is The City’s Best Kept Secret & It’s Gorgeous

lilac garden in Niagara

Summer is almost here and it’s time to get outside and enjoy the flowers. This lilac garden in Niagara is probably the city’s best kept secret and it’s gorgeous.

Niagara Parks Centennial Lilac Garden is situated on Niagara Parkway just to the north side of the popular Floral Clock.

Every year between May and early June the flowers blossom in purple hues, which is the perfect picture opportunity.

The collection features over 1,200 plants for you to explore with over 200 different varieties that will surround you with a wonderful aroma.

With free parking nearby, it’s easy to explore the 10 acres of blooms.

There are even some benches in the area where you can sit and enjoy the views of purple, white and pink for the perfect afternoon activity when the sun is shining.

While the floral clock is a popular tourist attraction (it’s almost photographed as much as the falls!) people often forget about the hidden spots to explore around it.

So next time you’re checking out the timepiece that changes floral designs twice a year, make sure to wander a little north as well.

According to the park, the lilac garden in Niagara was originally created in 1967 to commemorate Canada’s Centennial Year. The American Rotary Clubs of District 709 contributed funds towards the development of the purple garden.

However, this isn’t the only natural wonder in Niagara that is worth a stop next time you are in the city.

While exploring you can also check out Queenston Heights, a historic park that will greet you with stunning displays of the water and landscape below.

Or you can check out many of the vineyards surrounding the area, for both the views and wine tastings. Some spots even have their own restaurants.

*Photo Credits: jenna0brien | Instagram & shamla_kunjumon | Instagram

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