This Ontario Winery Has A Spooky New Tasting That’s Basically Trick-Or-Treat For Adults

Who said wine tastings was a summer activity? Lakeview Winery, situated in the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake, has a new experience this month and it’s basically trick-or-treating for adults.

If you’re a candy lover, you’ll want to head out to this spooky event. HalloWine is a new tasting that you can book until October 31 to get into the Halloween spirit.

For $15, you can pair some of the spots best vinos with a variety of holiday-themed candy, for the perfect boozy trick-or-treat experience.

However, just like when you go door-to-door, you won’t know exactly what candies to expect until you get there.

Lakeview Winery
lakeviewwineco | Intagram

This tasting is the perfect excuse to stuff your face with sweets while sipping the day away with some vino this season.

If you’re looking to do some tastings the spooky way, HalloWine takes place every day from 5 pm to 6 pm, but make sure to plan ahead. Lakeview Winery asks that you e-mail or call to make a reservation in advance.

If candy isn’t your thing, it’s not the only tasting available at this Ontario spot.

Lakeview Winery
lakeviewwineco | Instagram

You can also take part in the “Cheese Please” event. For $20, the winery will pair five of its best wines with five different kinds of cheese.

Of course, if you aren’t looking to pair any food with your next drink (you do you), the estate also does normal tastings. You can do a flight of some of their best vinos, while still saving room for dinner.

lakeviewwineco | Instagram

Looking for something even spookier this season? You can check out our recent blog post on some of the most haunted bars in Ontario.

If you grab a drink at one of these pubs, you might be able to spot a ghost or two throughout the night.

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