Here’s A Magical Inside Look At The New Bridgerton Experience In Toronto

Dear gentle reader, a new Bridgerton experience has hit Toronto and will truly transport you into the heart of the most sought-after ball of the season.

From now until September, you are cordially invited to the Queen’s Ball, where you will be able to dance, sip on cocktails and meet the royal highness herself (and there are still some tickets available online.)

If you want to know exactly what to expect, here’s my first look inside the new experience.

You start your night by entering the breathtaking ballroom which is covered in hanging flowers and red drapery. With the classic Bridgerton music soaring through the space, you can grab a signature cocktail and take some photos on the iconic set.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can keep your eyes out for some of the actors, who will help you learn all of the dance moves you need to know to look like a real duchess.

After everyone has settled in, it’s time to finally meet the Queen. You’ll get a chance to bow in front of her as she searches for the diamond of the ball.

Afterwards, you’ll get to meet some elite party guests, who will put on an amazing performance, which includes dancing, some acrobatic moves, and you may even be able to spot a kiss.

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I was personally impressed by just how interactive the experience is. There were multiple times when we were able to get up to dance and interact with the characters that were wandering around the ballroom.

The performance ends with someone from the audience being picked as the diamond before the dance floor opens up again for anyone who is looking to bust a move.

Once the Queen has retired for the night, another section of the ballroom will open up which has multiple photo opportunities. You can grab a photo on the classic red couch, or get your virtual portrait done.

One thing I loved is that every photo-op station had a dedicated staff member who was ready to take your photo, so there was no need to hunt someone down to take that group shot.

This secondary room also had gowns and suits in display cases that were worn by the actors in the actual show. On top of that, there was also a merch shop, where you could buy tea, hoodies, jewellery, makeup and more (Be prepared, because the items are pricey.)

Overall, I feel like the Bridgerton experience in Toronto is totally worth the hype. Being able to dress up, dance with a room full of fans and be immersed in the show is truly magical.

One word of advice- BRING A COAT. They have a coat check area, and you do have to stand outside for a bit before being let inside.

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