6 Of The Most Haunted Bars To Visit In Ontario This Fall

Looking to add something a little spooky to your next dinner date? There are tons of haunted bars in Ontario that have hidden secrets and a dark past.

With haunted stories that span hundreds of years into the past, Ontario is full of reported ghost sightings all across the province.

Niagara-on-the-Lake is considered one of the most haunted towns in all of Canada and tons of the restaurants are said to have a spirit or two living among the guests.

Next time you are in Toronto, you also have a chance at sitting inside a haunted bar. One location even reportedly has trouble keeping a cleaning night crew because the place is so haunted.

Here are six of the most haunted bars across the province.

The Olde Angel Inn (Niagara)

Next time you find yourself in Niagara-on-the-Lake, this is one pub that you will want to check out if you are looking for a paranormal sighting.

During the War of 1812, a British soldier by the name of Captain Swayze had been ordered to evacuate the town as American soldiers continued to march forward. However, Swayze was in love with a woman and decided to stay put until he could find her.

This mistake ultimately led to his gruesome death. Once spotted by Americans, Swayze hid in a wine barrel in the basement of what is still the Angel Inn. The enemies went around with their bayonets, stabbing each barrel until one drained with blood.

Now, the washrooms of the location that are located right next to the cellar where he died, are where this reported ghost calls home.

Many people have reported hearing phantom footsteps even though not a single soul is in sight.

The Keg Mansion (Toronto)

Haunted Bars in Ontario
The Keg Steakhouse + Bar (Mansion) | Facebook

Next time you want to enjoy a steak dinner with some uninvited company, the Keg Mansion in Toronto is the place to stop by. Reportedly haunted by multiple spirits, every room in this grand building isn’t safe from the dead.

Hart Massey acquired the mansion in the late 1800s and it was used to entertain multiple political figures including King George VI and Queen Mary.

Massey’s daughter was said to have died on the second floor, where she still haunts the washroom today. Many guests have reported having an intense feeling that someone was watching them while using the facilities.

On top of that, a maid who hung herself decades ago is also said to be wandering the mansion. Some patrons have reported spotting her hanging from the stairs with a noose around her neck.

Beckta Dining and Wine Bar (Ottawa)

Beckta dining & wine | Facebook

This wine bar was originally built by James Alexander Grant, a doctor who died in 1920. When he lived in the house, it was reported that he had a morgue in the basement and did surgery on-site.

Since then, multiple sightings have been reported by people who believe that the doctor never left his home.

Paranormal activity includes seeing shadowy figures, hearing someone coughing when nobody is in the room and plates crashing to the floor for no reason.

Corks Wine Bar (Niagara)

Haunted Bars in Ontario
Corks Winebar & Eatery | Facebook

This wine bar in Niagara-on-the-Lake was once the scene of an awful murder. Before it became a restaurant, the building was home to a woman, her abusive husband and her brother.

When she became pregnant, the brother wasn’t happy with how her husband was treating her and went to go kill him. However, the wife tried to stop the fight and got in the way before she was accidentally pushed down the basement stairs and died.

Since then, reports of her ghost have been reported in the basement, where the bathrooms currently are.

The Frog: A Firkin Pub (Toronto)

The Firkin Group of Pubs Canada (The Frog: A Firkin Pub) | Facebook

Who haunts this Toronto pub is still unknown, but multiple paranormal sights have been reported over the years.

Toilets flushing randomly, patrons being locked in the bathroom stalls and spotting shadows in the basement hallways are just a few of the creepy things that have happened at this location.

In fact, this place is reported to be so haunted that the restaurant has trouble keeping a nightly cleaning staff. Many have left because the spot has “too many ghosts around.”

The Winking Judge (Hamilton)

This haunted bar in Ontario has had over 50 ghostly sightings throughout the years. Many people have reported spotting an elderly man in a dark suit and top hat wandering around.

Usually, he appears in the window of the upstairs men’s washroom, or in front of other windows on the same floor.

Some of the patrons at the Winking Judge have also told tales of a ghost cat.

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