This Retro Diner In Niagara Will Transport You Back To The 50s & Has Cereal Pancakes

diner in Niagara

Calling all sweet tooth lovers! Next time you’re looking for something to chow down on, this diner in Niagara might be the spot to check out.

Dohboy’s Diner, located on Glendale Avenue in St. Catharines is now offering Roll ‘N Stoners, which are two massive pancakes decked out in your favourite cereal.

This sweet meal comes with whipped cream, icing and Foot Loops (or other weekly cereals), that will transport you back to your childhood.

Currently, the meal is going for $12, and you can add a side of home fries for an extra $2.

This local spot also has some meals of the day that you want to keep an out for, including the Dr. Feelgood Sandwich.

Combining both savoury and sweet, it comes with a doughnut ring that is dipped in french toast mix and then deep-fried.

It is then topped with ham, bacon, cheddar cheese and an egg, with a side of chipotle sauce to dunk it in.

But that’s not all this diner in Niagara is known for. You can feast on a ton of different breakfast options, including classic eggs and bacon, omelettes, pancakes and french toast.

Their breakfast poutine includes eggs, bacon, ham, mushrooms, peppers and cheddar cheese- and is topped off with hollandaise sauce and green onions. Yum!

They also have a lunch menu with some sandwiches, burgers, soups and salads to choose from as well.

Once you place your order, you can enjoy their food in their decked-out indoor restaurant that will transport you back to the 50s. The walls are covered in records, with the classic red booths and black and white checkered flooring.

However, this isn’t the only place to check out next time you are in the Niagara region.

Queen Bean Cafe, which is located on Queen Street, serves up amazing charcuterie boards and also offers a variety of sandwiches for you to munch on.

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