Best Niagara Wineries With Amazing Experiences, According To Our Readers

Drum roll, please! We’ve asked our readers to choose the best wineries in Niagara for experiences and the votes are finally in! If you’re looking to visit some vineyards this summer, you’ll want to add these top five choices to your bucket list.

Between the Lines has come out on top, with many favourites following close behind.

This vote is part of our Reader’s Choice Award series, where we asked you to choose the best winery overall, as well as the best vineyards for pizza, photo-ops, experiences and patios. To view all of the results, click here.

WINNER: Between The Lines Winery – Black Glass Tasting

If you’re looking for one of the best experiences at local Niagara wineries, you’ll want to check out Between the Lines. The vineyard offers a black glass wine tasting, where you’ll have to put your tastebuds to the test.

You can sip through four different wines, where you can guess exactly what kind of grape you think it is.


2. Trius Winery – TheTriusTour

If you love everything Instagrammable, this is a winery that you have to check out this summer.

TheTriusTour starts off with a sample of rosรฉ that you can enjoy in their elevated hot pink vineyard perch. You then visit the sparkling house that is jammed pack with photo opportunities.


3. Calamus Estate Winery – Stargazing Nights

Calling all space lovers! During the summer months, this winery hosts stargazing evenings, where you can experience great wine, food, dancing and more.

Niagara Centre will take over the telescope in the property’s conservatory tower, so you can catch a glimpse of something magical.


4. Colaneri Estate Winery – Discover The Vineyard with Donkeys

At this experience, you can grab your donkey companion and tour the vineyards. You’ll learn all about the history of the property and the process from vine to wine.

Your journey ends with a tasting of three of their wines at a picnic table beside the vines.


5. Peller Estates Winery – Icewine Lounge

On this tour, you’ll be able to discover Niagara’s only igloo-like lounge, the 10Below Icewine Lounger.

While sitting on benches carved from ice, you can sample some of their liquid gold, while learning about the process behind how the estate makes icewine.


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