7 Of The Best Wineries In Ontario To Sip On Icewine

As snow continues to fall across the province, it might be time to reach for something a little sweeter. These wineries have the best icewine in Ontario if you’re looking to try something new this winter season.

Scattered across Niagara Region, Prince Edward County and Essex County, these seven locations are definitely spots that you will want to add to your bucket list if you have a sweet tooth.


Best Icewine In Ontario That You Need To Try At Least Once
konzelmannwines | Instagram

Location: Niagara

This local winery nestled in Niagara Region is one of the best places to be if you want to sip on some icewine.

It currently has 6 different products to choose from, including the Riesling icewine, Vidal icewine and the Cabernet Sauvignon Select Late Harvest.

Between the Lines Winery

Location: Niagara

If you’re looking for your next dessert drink, Between the Lines Winery in Niagara might be the next step on your icewine tour.

This spot offers three different drinks to choose from, including Icewalker Vidal Icewine, Icewalker Riseling Icewine and Icewalker Cabernet Franc Icewine. These bottles range from $50 to $90.

Sprucewood Shores Estates Winery

Best Icewine In Ontario That You Need To Try At Least Once
sprucewoodshores | Instagram

Location: Essex County

Located down near Lake Erie, this stunning winery offers more than just amazing looks.

This location serves up a Vidal icewine, alongside its reds, whites, sparkling, and rose.

Exultet Estates

exultetestates | Instagram

Location: Prince Edward County

If you’re heading down to Prince Edward County anytime soon, this might be the place to stop if you’re looking to pick up a bottle of the sweet stuff.

This winery currently sells a 2019 Dolce Ghiacciato Vidal Icewine for $45.

Peller Estates

Best Icewine In Ontario That You Need To Try At Least Once

Location: Niagara

Peller Estates Winery in Niagara turns sipping icewine into a whole experience. Not only can you tour the estate, but you can also sip on some of their many flavours in an underground igloo.

You can sample the oak-aged Vidal, cabernet franc icewine and more.

Pelee Island Winery

peleewinery | Instagram

Location: Essex County

Nestled on its own little island on Lake Erie, this local winery doesn’t mess around when it comes to its vino.

With some of the best icewines in Ontario, you can sample the cabernet franc and Vidal icewines.

Reif Estate Winery

Best Icewine In Ontario That You Need To Try At Least Once
reifestatewinery | Instagram

Location: Niagara

Reif Estate Winery is known for its icewine and has actually won multiple awards over the years.

Some of these awards include, Gold Medal at Vin Expo in Bordeaux, Best Icewine Trophy at the Internation Wine Awards, and Wine of the Year at the Ontario Wine Awards.

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