Best Cider At The LCBO That You Absolutely Need To Try

Next time you’re feeling a bit thirsty, you’ll want to try some of the best cider at the LCBO. We’ve put together a list of the top seven that every apple lover needs to try at least once.

From local classics to Swedish twists, you can explore a variety of flavours that are perfect for all four seasons.

Happy sipping!

Brickworks Ciderhouse Batch: 1904

Price: $3.50

This Ontario cider is the perfect drink to sip on this fall. On the palate, it is dry with flavours of homemade apple pie filling. It is also known for its light carbonation.

No Boats on Sunday Cider

Price: $4.95

Peller Estates produces this well-known drink and you’ll want to give it a try this year. The Ontario version has notes of ripe Macintosh and tangy green apples, with light carbonation.

Rekorderlig Wild Berries Cider

Price: $3.35

If you’re looking to go international, this Swedish cider is a must-try. With aromas of blackberry, raspberry and blueberry it has a different taste than your average cider.

Ironwood Hard Cider

Price: $3.50

This local Niagara spot is the best cider at the LCBO that you need to try. With aromas of tart apple and zesty lime, it has a hint of sweetness and a crisp sparkling finish.

Shiny Apple Peach Light Cider

Price: $3.65

This vegan and gluten-free cider has aromas of ripe peaches with a hint of tart green apple. It’s a must-try for those summer months when you’re looking for something refreshing.

Thornbury Craft Cranberry Cider

Price: $3.75

Made with 100% Canadian apples and cranberries, this cider has a tart and juicy flavour. It pairs well with roast pork, turkey or chicken.

Chill Street Afternoon Delight Cider

Price: $4.10

This peach-flavoured cider is blended with Riesling. It has notes of citrus, honey, apple and peach and is perfect for a hot summer day.

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