Bernie Sanders Keeps Popping Up At Ontario Wineries & It’s Hilarious

While Joe Biden’s inauguration was supposed to be the president’s big day, most people had their eyes on Bernie Sanders’ adorable outfit. The cozy mittens and green puffy jacket have become a viral sensation across the globe, with the politician now appearing in the most random places.

The popular meme has even made its way down to Ontario, with the bundled-up man being spotted perching on top of the CN tower and the Ottawa sign.

However, it looks like Sanders couldn’t leave the province without stopping by some of his favourite wineries first.

In fact, he can even be seen huddled up in some of the snowy vineyards and hugging some of his favourite bottles close to his chest.

Palatine Hills Estate Winery

It looks like one of Bernie Sanders’ first stops was at Palatine Hills in the Niagara escarpment. Pulling up his chair for curb-side pickup, it looks like he was able to score a bottle of red.

Creekside Estate Winery

Bernie Sanders
creeksidewine | Instagram

The U.S. politician didn’t stop there when it came to his wine tasting adventures. Sticking to a bottle of red, Sanders also made a stop at Niagara’s Creekside Winery.

Bundled up in mittens and mask, he took advantage of that curb side pickup.

Cave Spring Vineyard

Bernie Sanders
cavespringvineyard | Instagram

In the heart of Canada’s freezing winter, it looks like Bernie started to break a few rules to warm up. He was eventually spotted inside the tasting room at Cave Spring Vineyard, which is currently closed.

However, the vineyard didn’t seem to mind. “Well, Bernie, the vineyard tasting room is closed for the season but if you want to hang out and wait…โฃโฃ”

Rosewood Winery & Meadery

rosewoodwine | Instagram

After warming up in one of the tasting rooms, Bernie headed down to Beamsville, where he embraced the cold in one of the snowy vineyards.

As Rosewood Winery puts it, #FeelTheBern.

Paglione Estate Winery

Of course, the next step on the politician’s journey is warming up by the fire. And it looks like he made a stop at Paglione Estate Winery to test out their pizza oven.

Fielding Estate Winery

Bernie Sanders
fieldingwinery | Instagram

Lastly, Bernie Sanders cozied up at Fielding Estate Winery, where he promised that guests could grab some wine and a free virtual hug (minus the mitts.)

Of course, if you ended up missing Bernie at these spots, at least the wine is still there. You can check out our list of local wineries that will deliver some vino straight to your door.

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