You Can Sip On Giant Planks Of Beer At This Ontario Spot & The Options Are Endless

If you’re getting thirsty, this spot is the place to be. Beertown Public House in Ontario offers endless flavours of suds and a variety of delicious cocktails. However, if you’re having trouble choosing which beer to try, the joint serves massive planks that let you taste up to 30 flavours at one time.

Located in eight different spots around the province, including Guelph and London, Beertown Public House is known for its massive drink menu.

If you are a suds lover, you can choose from a few different options of pre-made planks which include four separate 20 oz tastings.

You can also create your own plank from the giant list of beers that they have on tap.

Some pre-made flights include Local Crafts, where you can sample beers from your backyard, or Where The Wild Things Are that offer up some of the more risky flavours.

However, if four tastings aren’t enough, some locations offer an even bigger option called the “BEERMAGEDDON PADDLETRON 3000,” which is just as intense as it sounds.

Beertown Public House

The plank comes with 30 different 5 oz pours from the tap and costs $88. However, you can’t down the entire thing by yourself. According to the website, you need at least 4 people to order this mega beast.

This paddletron is HUGE, and we would only recommend ordering it if you’re ready to have a lit night. If you aren’t ready for this beast, you can always opt for the smaller ones.

However, if you aren’t a suds lover, there are some other cocktails and drinks on the menu that you can sip on.

Drinks like the Strawberry Vanilla Gin Fizz and the Classic Sangria are both great options if you’re in the mood for something sweet.

While you can also keep the suds theme going with their beer inspired cocktails like the Hazy Hop-Jito and the Beer Dog.

For the food, the joint offers the classic pub-style menu, with burgers, pastas and some sides.

I had the warm spinach artichoke pot, which comes with warm baked pretzels and nacho chips on the side. I would 100% recommend it.

If you’re looking for drinks that are a little bit more over-the-top you can check out this lighthouse restaurant in Orillia.

The spot offers full meals on top of their drinks with the most outrageous flavours, like the Unicorn Shake.

Happy sipping!

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