A St. Catharines Winery Was Just Named The Best In The Province

Next time you decide to visit the region, you’re going to want to add this award-winning St. Catharines winery to your trip.

13th Street was just named the best winery in Ontario at the National Wine Awards, which were held in Niagara Falls this year. They were also named the second-best vineyard in all of Canada.

The estate’s wines also came on top this year and they won a total of 20 medals, with two Platinum, two Gold and seven Silver.

13th Street is not only a winery but also an entire experience. When you visit you can start your day off with a tasting, before exploring their gallery and sculpture garden.

The vineyard is constantly featuring new artists and work throughout the years and will have you always wanting to come back.

On top of that, they also have a little bakery on the estate, where you can grab some butter tarts, cookies, pies, preserves and more. You can even pick up some frozen meals for dinner that night.

This isn’t the only Niagara winery that was named one of the best this year though.

Some other spots that hit the top 20 of the national list include Beamsville’s Vieni Estates, Thirty Bench Wine Makers, Malivoire Wine Company, Hidden Bench Estate Winery, Redstone Winery, Tawse Winery, and Two Sisters Vineyard.

Peller Estates and Fielding Estate Winery also placed in the top 10 of Ontario’s best wineries and took home some medals.

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*Cover photo credits: the_light_academic | Instagram & caitlin9228 | Instagram

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