A Huge Maple Syrup Event Is Happening In PEC This Month & It’s Filled With Sweet Goodness

Calling all sweet tooths! A huge maple syrup event is happening across PEC this month and it is filled with so much sweet goodness.

The PEC March Maple Madness Event is taking place every Saturday and Sunday in March and you’ll be able to visit so many local spots.

Designed to celebrate local Prince Edward County businesses, sugar bushes, and all things maple, you’ll get to try multiple sweet creations.

Each business is tasked with making creative foods that will really highlight maple syrup. You get to choose which spots you want to try throughout the month and can visit as many as your heart desires.

Some must-try creations to add to your list this year include Midtown Brewing Company’s smoked cheddar grilled cheese, topped with soft serve and Waltโ€™s maple syrup.

Or, County Shore Farms’ maple pulled pork sandwiches and maple cinnamon buns.

You also won’t want to miss Broken Stone Winery which will be serving maple, bacon + cheddar biscuits or maple candied salmon with curated wine tastings.

Dozens of local spots are participating in the massive maple syrup event in PEC, including sugar bushes, wineries, breweries, restaurants and more.

Some local stays will also be included, such as the Lakeside Motel. They will let you sip on some maple-infused cocktails while taking in breathtaking views of Lake Ontario by the campfire. You’ll even be able to roast maple-dripped marshmallows.

Each location will be pricing its products accordingly. You can view the full list of businesses on the company’s website.

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