There’s A New Selfie Studio In Niagara & It’s A Pink Paradise

Get your cameras ready! There’s a new selfie studio in Niagara and it is a wonderful pink paradise.

Goldie’s Museum, which opened its doors in July, is a unique studio that lets you grab some amazing shots in its multiple themed rooms.

From a colourful ball pit to a gorgeous pink room with a neon “Hello Gorgeous” sign, you’ll be snapping photos all day long.

Some other notable scenes include their Barbie box, a pair of angel wings, a boxing corner, a pink bubblegum room and more!

You can even pose in a room full of inflatable toys for the perfect pool party shot. Or, show your love for music in the vinyl room.

For $30 a person, you’ll get two hours in the studio where you can walk around and take as many photo-ops as you like. Selfie lights are already placed throughout the venue so you’ll also be ready for that award-winning pose, no matter where you are.

The spot is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday and tickets can be purchased in advance from their website.

On top of this, the Niagara selfie studio also offers its space as a party venue, where you can seat up to 50 guests.

Or, you can book a session for some pro photography, which has a variety of services including headshots, branding and company events.

Goldie’s Museum will also be changing up some of its exhibits throughout the year, especially for holidays. So you can always expect something new.

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